The Kodi Project

After video taping Kodi on January 20th, 2008, I came up with an idea to help her communicate phrases that she might want to say, by using the computer as her voice. As of today, I have manually recorded nearly 400 phrases for her to use, in what I call "The Kodi Project".

I record these phrases by typing out a sentence, and then I have the computer read the sentence in a female voice. I save each phrase as MP3 files and put them all into one folder. Then I open the folder (maximized on the screen)

The next step is trying to figure out an EASY way for Kodi to play the mp3 file of her choice. I have already learned that a touch pad is much too difficult for her to use.
I have narrowed down a solution for her, where she only needs the use of FIVE keys. The 4 arrow keys to select the proper file, and then the ENTER key will play the file for her. Windows Vista works best, because I can minimize Windows Media Player and it will STAY minimized upon hitting the Enter Key. She can then simply continue using the arrow keys to select her next phrase that she wants to say. However, with Windows XP, she will have to hit the Enter Key a 2nd time to minimize the Windows Media Player once again, and that puts her back to the folder of phrases, where she can then choose her next phrase to play. Unfortunately, on a standard laptop keyboard, the arrow keys are too close together plus the Enter key is near other keys that she can hit by mistake and cause unwanted results. My solution to this is I purchased a Targus Numeric USB keypad for her from Best Buy for $29.99 and I removed all of the keys except for the 5 keys she truly needs. (At 1st, I also had to leave the Num Lock key in order to make sure I could turn the Num Lock off). I have since removed the Num Lock key also, because we can simply use a toothpick to turn the Num Lock off for her. I also plugged the unneeded holes with cut down cigarette filters, to prevent debris from falling into them. The hole in the very middle of the arrow keys, I left higher, so she will be able to easily feel with her finger to know where the arrow keys are at. I did the same with the two holes along side the Enter Key.

Special Keypad

  What is really needed here, is a Special USB Keypad which only contains the 4 Arrow Keys and the Enter Key.
The Num Lock key would be best if it was completely out of her reach. It would be really nice if this Special Keypad has Large Arrow buttons (placed fairly far apart from one another) and a Very Large Enter button.

I believe that "The Kodi Project" could benefit many others who might have the same handicap as Kodi, and it would open up a whole new world for them to be able to communicate with others around them. If you watch the video that I recorded on January 20, 2008, you will see to what extent Kodi can move her hands.

Pictured below is a screen shot of all the phrases I have created to date.
Kodi Phrases

If anyone is interested in "The Kodi Project" for their own Special Needs or if you would like to donate anything to help fund this ongoing project,
please contact me at


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