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Labors of Love

We would like to thank all of these fine folks, listed below,
who have so lovingly donated their time, labor, building materials and/or merchandise, in a combined effort,
to help in Kodi's ongoing daily recovery.
Such a Wonderful Blessing You All Are

Kim and Bob Zink Spa Manufactures, Inc.
Clearwater, Florida
Cindi McGray
Clearwater, Florida
Don Markesbery Concrete
Florence, Ky
Bob Dapper
Indianapolis, Indiana
Dave Lipps and Damon Lipps
Lipps Pools & Spa Florence, Ky
Ernst Concrete
Ohio, Indiana, Ky & Georgia.
Sarah Howerton
Clearwater, Florida
Jason Dalhover
Verona, Ky
Jay O'Leary
Norwood, Ohio
Gary Gideon
Cincinnati, Ohio
Darrell Doane
Jacksonville, Florida
Todd Helm
Burlington, Ky
Pat Wheatly
Natures' Touch Inc.
Tom Farris
Walton, Ky
Joe Baumgardner
Justin Baumgardner
Dr. Cris Tolisano
Clearwater, Florida
Attorney Larry Hicks
Edgewood, Ky
John Kennett
Signing Time
Two Little Hands Productions
Ron Pferrman
Lowes Home Improvement
Lowes Hero Project
Josh Sherman
Greendale, Indiana
Lacey Zink
Chelsea Zink

This is a video of Kodi's life in 2004 age 7, prior to her accident in 2006.
This is the only motion video we have of Kodi & her mother Jackie.

Welcome to Kodi's Web Site

Hi, I am Kodi's Aunt Myrna, pictured above with my sister Jackie, Kodi's mom.

On July 17, 2006 Jackie went to pick Kodi up from the YMCA about a block from her house in St. Petersburg Florida. She left her house about 5:15 pm. On the way home she turned to go into her neighborhood and a speeding driver hit her car. The teen driver is 17 years old. His name is Nicholas Brunk. His vehicle skidded approximately 105 feet before impacting Jackie's car on the passenger side. He then knocked her car another 65 feet into someone's yard into a tree.

Jackie's friend Dale Frankenberg came upon the accident. He was devastated to say the least. He knew the severity of the injuries. He phoned my brother Rick and told him. My mom was at my house having dinner when I received the call from Rick. I told him he should talk to mom because I was not able to tell her. She has congestive heart failure and I was scared she might not be able to take the news.

The accident happened at 5:36 pm. The Fire Department was the first to arrive. They knew how severely Jackie had been injured as the trauma to her head was very visible. So they took her on to Bay-front Trauma Center. The life squad took Kodi to Bay-front also. They immediately prepped Jackie for surgery as she had a punctured lung.

We were not able to get a flight, as the last flight to Tampa was at 7:05 pm So we opted to drive and try to make it. We stayed in touch with Nikki (my daughter) as she was our liaison between the hospital. We were in Chattanooga Tennessee when we received a phone call that Jackie had came through the surgery however her heart had stopped two times during surgery, but the Dr.s were able to bring her back. We then received a call from Nikki at about 10:12 pm, only to be told that Jackie had passed away. We were devastated. They had then taken Kodi to All Children's Hospital right next door.

Kodi was listed as very critical. She had a broken Pelvis, clavicle, right femur and severe brain shearing. She lay in a coma from July 17, 2006 until the end of August. About the last week of August she opened her eyes for the first time. After a few days they moved her from Picu1 (pediatric ICU) to Picu2 where she was upgraded to stable condition. She remained in the Picu2 unit as we had to make the decision where she should go from there. While she was in the Picu1 unit Kodi needed a feeding tube.

About 1 week after they put the tube in, it was time to make arrangements to bring her home because our entire family lives in the Northern Kentucky area. We searched the Internet for an Air Ambulance Service only to find out that it was going to cost us between $13,000.00 and $20,000.00 depending on how many Doctors and Nurses were needed for the flight.

I stayed in Florida at the Ronald McDonald house while Ashley came home and went to the Social worker at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati. She told them our story and God gave us a miracle. Sheila Howard and Susan Bernan with Children's Hospital made arrangements to Go to Florida and fly Kodi home for us (FREE OF CHARGE)

Kodi arrived at Children's Hospital in Cincinnati and began her therapy. She remains there as of the date I am typing this (September 19, 2006). She has therapy about 6 hours each day. The Dr. says her range of motion with her arms and legs is improving. The speech therapist is trying to teach her to control her tongue. She still has not verbally responded to us yet but, any day she could speak. The swelling in her Brain could take up to a year to subside. They will start her on a drug called Amentadine (this is to jump start the brain) soon. She must first be weaned from the Valium which is used to keep her comfortable. She is in Room 77 on the 4th floor in the children's rehabilitation. If there is no more improvement on or about October 12th, the Hospital will have to release her to Ashley. Ashley is 21 years old and this is a huge task for her to take on. She is working with my sister Tina, as Tina has offered to care for Kodi in her home. I will keep you updated and let you know what happens. Kodi may go to the Drake Hospital for a few weeks or so after leaving Children's.

We have lost a dear member of our family. Jackie was my youngest sister. She is one of the kindness people you would ever meet. She did a lot for the homeless when she was alive. She would go to the local grocery stores and get items and pass them out. She opened her home with no fear to anyone who needed a place to rest. She followed Christ's example when it came to feeding the hungry and taking them in.

She never met a stranger and I really believe her mission on this earth was to serve others as she did so every day of her adult life.

We must also remember the young man that was in the accident also. He knows he has killed someone. He has to live with the fact the he left a 10 year old little girl with no mother. He is also aware of Kodi's condition. We must remember to pray for him. At this point these are the events that lead to where we are now with Kodi. Please remember to continue praying for her. I know it's not the Lord's will for her to remain in the condition she is currently in. We are praying all the time and just waiting on our miracle.

I will keep you updated.

Love in Jesus
Your friends, Myrna Sherman and Family
Meta, Peggy, Myrna, Tina and Rick

Please Note: Kodi is no longer at Children's Hospital.

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UPDATED October 3, 2010

November 22, 2010

Kodi's contribution to Locks of Love
January 19, 2010

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Kodi at home on January 20, 2008

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2 of Kodi's Favorite songs by Clay Aikens
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